Cal Customz is Stockton’s Premier Windshield Protection Film Installer. We trust ExoShield windshield protection film is like an automotive-grade screen protector, made for your windshield.

Don't get blindsided by Windshield Replacement Costs

Say Goodbye to Stone Chips on Your Windshield!

Welcome to the next generation of windshield protection. Longer lasting, more durable, and completely invisible. Powered by our new Endurance Class nanocoating, ExoShield GT3 is built to endure the elements. No matter where the road takes you.

Windshield Protection Film Warranty
ExoShield is backed by the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Our standard manufacturer’s warranty keeps you protected for 2-years / 30,000 miles.

Superior Impact Resistance

Stop rock chips in their tracks with a film that gives you 6X more impact resistance than glass alone.

Unbeatable Clarity

Visible light transmittance of >90% gives you the protection you need without affecting your visibility or your vehicle’s appearance.

Longer Lasting

Windshield protection should save you time, not create a hassle. We built longevity into our technology to give you longer lasting protection.

Cal Customz in Stockton trusts ExoShield which is engineered for a high level of optical clarity to ensure the driver’s view of the road remains unobstructed. When installed on a new windshield, ExoShield only reduces visible light transmittance by 1.5%, which is not noticeable to the naked eye.

On average, you can expect to get up to 2 years out of ExoShield, but this can be extended with good care and maintenance practices.

With each purchase of ExoShield we include a care instruction package that will educate you on how to best take care of your windshield. You can also learn more about maximizing the lifetime of your ExoShield here.


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